Friday, May 14, 2010

Witness like an Armenian, Sleep like a Calvinist

We should witness with the knowledge and understanding that people have a choice to make; and do all that we can to compel them to surrender their lives to Christ; we need to show them their need of Jesus - and we need to do this with urgency, because they might not have tomorrow. We need to witness believing "how shall they believe in whom they have not heard, and how shall they hear without a preacher", and not make the excuse that God will save them if He so plans even if we neglect our obedience.

Then we can rest in knowing that God is the one who draws, and He is the one who causes the seed to grow, it is His word that does not return void. We can sleep knowing we were obedient and that salvation is of the Lord - it is His work.

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  1. That's great advice. People often divide over the issue of Arminian and Calvinist, or predestination and free-will.

    I've seen Christians get real ugly over the issue, so I won't label myself by either name.

    Just call me a follower of Jesus Christ.


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